Enterprise Lab has the vision
to globally disrupt the mindsets of people
to evoke an attitude for success

Lucky people get opportunities…
Brave people take those opportunities…
But in the face of adversity it is winners that make opportunities.

In a world with ever-changing landscapes if you don’t adapt you will be left behind… success is a notion set on us by society; to achieve success you need passion, persistence, but even more important than these an attitude which reflects your actions.

Since 2011 Enterprise Lab has been working with people all over the world to disrupt their current behaviours and attitudes so they can achieve their aspirations.

We believe that a 1% change in attitude can lead to a 100% change in results.

Our ethos is based on Ideation, Innovation and Leadership all of which are core to succeed in ever changing landscapes… we disrupt through specific channels of content, courses and consultation.


Our journey

Since the global economic crisis in 2008 the world has changed; businesses have collapsed, people have lost their jobs and the local economic prosperity has dissolved leaving uncertainty and pain.

Confidence has been at an all-time low and this is reflected in the behaviour and ultimately the attitudes towards what people can do… this is why Enterprise Lab was launched.

Our work is based around developing processes and platforms that will disrupt the mindsets of people allowing them to instil more confidence through a change in their attitudes which in turn delivers results.

  • beginning of Enterprise Lab's journey


    beginning of Enterprise Lab's journey

    Launched in the UK with the mission to bridge the gap between education and employment providing life-skills necessary in different industries within an academic setting.

  • going global


    going global

    Introduction of their programming into 11 countries around the world; impacting over 100,000 people a year in breaking barriers and disrupting mindsets.

  • another level of disruption


    another level of disruption

    Initiated programmes to support Entrepreneurship across UK, Europe, US, Central America and Africa working with governments, ministries and leading organisations.

  • everything is connected


    everything is connected

    Development of partnerships and support networks to ensure their mission in disrupting the world with ideation, innovation and leadership is the same as ours.

  • online access to consultation


    online access to consultation

    Strategic development of a digital platform to give access to content, courses and consultation globally.

  • next level


    next level

    Offering the world core content, courses and consultation to support the development of mindsets, attitudes and behaviours for success.

  • Be Part
    Of Our


Meet the disruptors

Ketan Makwana

CEO & Chief Disrupter

Ketan Makwana

One word that describes Ketan best is visionary. He inspires everyone either in his close surrounding or on the opposite end of the world, which makes him a renowned international speaker, distinguished coach and mindset master. His endless energy is affectionate and nourishes people he works with.

You will find Ketan either talking about his children, sharing laughter or analyzing how to get Enterprise Lab to the next level. The latter mostly during a plane or train ride getting him to one of his multiple seminars, workshops, boot camps or keynote speeches.

Ketan is a serial entrepreneur who has started, scaled a sold multiple businesses. In a response to the emerging skills gap between education to employment and enterprise Ketan launched Enterprise Lab, in 2011 which is now operating in 11 countries training 100,000 people a year.

In 2012 Ketan founded and delivered Youth Enterprise Live backed by the Prime Minister and the UK’s largest event focused on Education, Employment and Enterprise for 15-30 year olds… leading on from this he took a position as Special Advisor to the Prime Minster on Youth Policy; other work includes being part of the E20 Summit (20 entrepreneurs from the UK working on the missing millions) and has a seat in European Commission Strategic Board working on the Horizon 2020 strategy for enterprise and employment.

Ketan is the Head of Operations at Rockstar Group, the UK’s leading funding and mentoring organisation that has delivered £12m funding and supported over 2200 businesses in the UK.

Ketan is an advisor to UK Government on youth and enterprise policies, works with International Governments & Ministries on Enterprise Eco-System Development and sits on many advisory boards and panels… further work includes ambassador of UKTI and Foreign & Commonwealth Offices related to Enterprise development in countries across the globe.

His specialities are in Operations and Strategy in supporting businesses to build efficient and effective structure within organisation for rapid growth, stability and success. He has a keen ear to understand your business issues and can support the visualisation and action of strategies.

As an entrepreneur Ketan has been awarded the Smarta 100 Award in 2012 for creating one of the most disruptive businesses in the UK, in 2013 Enterprise Lab was awarded Best Business by Start Young Global Awards and was finalist for Entrepreneur of Excellence at the National Diversity Awards.

Matt Duggan

Head of Digital Marketing

Matt Duggan

Matt is our digital marketing obsessive. Think of him like a character from Mad Men, but with a laptop and the look of Lex Luther.

Believe it or not, Matt used to be a professional magician (yes, really). During his magical career, he performed at Buckingham Palace (twice) and was even flown to Abu Dhabi to work his magic at the launch of the Mercedes C-Class. While working events in the evenings, he started honing his online marketing skills during the day, initially to get more corporate gigs.

Jump forward a year or two and he was recognised for his work by some established digital marketing entrepreneurs. He started working with their marketing agencies to grow their clients's businesses. It was at this point that he disappeared from the world of magic (in a puff of smoke?) and set up his own business, generating targeted leads from social media advertising platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. And that is where we met him.

Now that we have successfully lured him into Enterprise Lab with chocolate, we don't really want to share him with anyone. We occasionally let him out of Enterprise Lab HQ to run his blog over at LeadGenSocial.com and his marketing agency at RoarLocal.com .

Baiju Solanki

Entrepreneurship Education

Baiju Solanki

Growing up, I was very conscious not to get into trouble… I did my homework, went to school all the time, never talked back, even did extra homework, just to make sure I was a good boy. Being disruptive was seen as disrespectful, not following the rules that our elders set out, for the good of society and us younger generation. Of course they knew best.

So I was being a good boy, when I took my degree in Maths, Stats & Computing, so I could be something in science, a great professional to be in like the 5 other choices I had, to be a doctor, accountant, engineer, pharmacist or a shop keeper. But then it started, my first decision I made with JUST ME in mind, I changed courses and started a Psychology degree. OMG, I was now a bad boy, but I smiled, said to myself it would be OK and carried on. Got my degree and my first job a Psychology Lecturer, mummy was happy now, 4 years later, I left, OMG not again and took a sales job. One problem, the job didn’t require a degree, slight disruptive behaviour. I did well, promoted to Sales Director within 5 years.

Then it happened, yes it comes to a lot of us. I left that job to start my own business, ultimate disruptive behaviour, as far as my culture, family % friends were concerned. I never ever looked back. My purpose, my BE, to transform people live through intervention using words and intention. The vehicles, what I do, is speaking, coaching, training & workshops. Through my work with EnSpirit Inc. and Enterprise Lab is about releasing the entrepreneurial & human spirit to make he world a place of celebration.

So looking at that I wanted to be a good boy, but seems like I have been a disruptor all my life.

Helena Kay

International Manager (MENA)

Helena Kay

Statistically destined to lose Helena is from a refugee immigrant family from Kurdistan in North Iraq.

College and university drop out, she worked hard as soon as she was legally allowed to be employed. In her early 20's she ran a chain of amusement arcades and managed the south west London region for the gambling company before moving onto business banking for RBS and Natwest.

She soon became team leader and was making waves until she developed chronic symptoms from her brain tumour, turbulent relationships lead to depression and her rebellious attitude lead her to be thrown out of her family home several times before she found refuge in a YMCA hostel.

Things went from bad to worse, desperation partnered up with anxiety and Helena left he bank as she was heavily medicated and become yet another statistic on benefits and state welfare.

Struggling with life, health, other people and mainly herself, Helena was losing badly until she made the decision one day to win and to make no excuses or complaints.

With that decision Helena rose up , healed her body, her relationships, and as she transformed we own life she helped any and everyone she could along the way.

Organically falling into coaching, Helena trained in personal performance training, NLP, Law of attraction and came off benefits to start working for a sales company in London.

Within 6 months her mindset and performance made her MD of the company and at the same time she registered her own coaching business.

A year into her role Helena and her whole team were made redundant with no warning or compensation.

Determined to win despite her situation Helena hustled and laser focused on her business and managed to make half her wages job in 1 week of her business.

An expert at getting back up when life knocks you down. Helena believes in the power of mindset, choices and the potent energy of focus.

Helena is dedicated to self evolution and empowerment of individuals and businesses. She helps activate authentic confidence and blends mindset training with practical strategies to move forward, succeed and win in life, health and business.

Jeremy Gobet

Lead Developer & Design

Jeremy Gobet

Before the concept of DIY became fashion Jeremy aka Jay was already a big fan of it inventing all kinds of things with paperboard, sticky paper and stuff he found in his home. His curiosity to learn, explore and discover novel things lead him to find multiple ways to express his creative aspirations.

As a result, Jay blossomed into geek (also before it became fashion) and excelled in merging electronics and creativity, during an apprenticeship. However soon he had to realize that his affinity with the artistic world pushed him to change direction and move into software development. That’s why he studied information technology engineering.

While at University, Jay received a residency position. During this period, he worked on many IT development projects and with some start-ups. If you would ask Jay, which concepts he lives by; he would share the benefits of self-teaching, learning by doing and doing it yourself, with you. The combination of the three make him flourish in producing artworks, logos and website designs.

Jay always felt that it would be impossible for him to choose a position between engineer, designer, project manager or even a cook. He likes to be all of theses and excel beyond them.

That’s why he was determined to take part in a start-up project that can offer him the kind of personal and professional growth he seeks. Luckily, he moved to London and we are more than happy to have him on board as the Lead Developer & Designer at Enterprise Lab, being part of our team which seeks entrepreneurs to flourish.

Ricky Shah

Lead Trainer

Ricky Shah

Ricky thrives on breaking down barriers - Helping people who initially don’t believe – Achieve.

He lives for helping others overcome obstacles to succeed in their goals. Whether that is in Personal Development, Employability or Enterprise. Ricky doesn’t want you to follow his path but would rather help you create your own.

Ricky gets the balance right of Professionalism, Laughter and Creativity. He enjoys being a disruptive team member at Enterprise Lab but has the qualifications and experience to suit.

Based in the Midlands – he is known to be constantly networking and bringing people together. He is always involved locally as well as nationally with different projects to help individuals and businesses to grow.

He can be found sipping Chai Tea during the day and maybe something a little stronger at night!

From his pop-up shops which help Small Businesses gain awareness in large retail destinations, to managing multiple European and Government Enterprise Programmes, Ricky has supported hundreds of businesses and also thousands of individuals looking to start up their own business.

Ricky set up his own company Accelerate Yourself in 2013, which concentrates on Personal Development, Employability and Enterprise. He also delivers the Governments Start Up Loan Initiative and provides Social Media Management for small businesses. His company has also helped set up large business events and is a key partner for TedxLeicester.

He will be seen delivering keynote talks/seminars and workshops in Schools, Colleges, Universities and to Business support organisations. He has worked with Youth Offenders in Prisons, Ex-offenders, Long Term Unemployed and also disadvantaged communities delivering in his own style and modern brand of mentoring and coaching support.


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