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Enterprise Lab™ is one of the UK’s most disruptive agencies providing key services to support personal development, employability & career enhancement or success in business.

Since 2011 we have expanded our reach to 11 countries around the world and every year over 100,000 people are impacted by an Enterprise Lab™ program whether it is through an inspirational seminar, skills enhancing bootcamp or results orientated coaching.

Our vision to enhance employability and encourage enterprise is built on the foundation that every single person has potential to fulfill their aspirations, by creating a balance of competence and confidence in their knowledge to action.

What we offer:



What leaders are saying about us:


 “In a competitive world no nation can live off past glories; we need young people constantly coming forward with new ideas, new businesses and new ways to make this country a better place to live and work in… Inspiring young people is what Enterprise Lab™ is all about and I applaud Enterprise Lab™ for inspiring the next generation.”
David Cameron – Prime Minister of United Kingdom



What clients are saying about us:

“I have always believed in coaching, but working with Ketan was different,  gaining fresh perspective from one of the most senior leaders in UK business, gave me invaluable insight and experience that, otherwise without, I would not have achieved what I have in such a short period. I’ve gained so much knowledge; Ketan was generous in sharing his own experiences (highs and lows) as well as being wonderfully supportive when it was needed most! The constructive and stimulating sessions we’ve had have been of immense value for my business.”
Frances Lucraft – Founder & Managing Director Eco-Hygiene Care