Why failure hurts so much

You must have heard the quote…  “if you are going to fail then fail fast” or “failure is an educator” Failure is directly linked to fear, this is why people procrastinate over fear and then this leads to panic… making failure so painful For most failure hurts… it can hurt their pride or even knock […] Continue reading.

Stop thinking people will steal your ideas

Over the last 7 years I have been working with people to develop their personal confidence, enhance their careers and transform their businesses…. What really frustrates me is people that are reluctant to share their thoughts and ideas – ask me to sign non disclosures or simply just insist that their ideas need to be […] Continue reading.

Why 70% of ideas don’t make it to reality

Are you someone who is constantly coming up with ideas? – but you don’t really do much about them? Have you ever been in the position that your mind seems to the very distraction to your progress? Ever thought you are being held back from achieving your aspirations simply because you try and then when […] Continue reading.