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When you are trying to get an idea off the ground or trying to grow your business you can often hit brick walls and barriers to progress – trust me I have been there before and I know this becomes a frustrating and almost empty feeling.

The core to this issue is that your vision is too big, your strategies are not in line with achieving your goals and most of all you can easily divert your focus when things become challenging.

So How Can I Help?
First we need to look at the core steps to productivity, these are outlined in my Productivity Expert Blueprint; these 5 steps are the road map that will move you from procrastination to productivity:

Insight – Know Your Problem, Solve Your Problem 
Often is the case when you have developed your strategies that there are gaps; the biggest challenge is identifying these gaps for what they really are and what impacts they are having on your progress and business

Strategy – Building Bridges 

Knowledge is power and with more clearer and deeper insights you start to build a plan of action that will allow you to bridge the gaps 


Immersion – Micro-Actions And Goal Development
If you can determine your customer behaviour you can define their attitude. This is very important as this provides intelligence in how you approach to convert. 

Execution – Delivery Management
Developing the mindset, attitude and ability to deliver the goals… this is all about prioritisation and commitment to your goals.

Accountability – staying on track
Regular check-ins and calls to ensure you remain on track and squash any concerns, challenges or opportunities of digressing.

What Our Clients Say

"I have  always believed in coaching, but working with Ketan was different. Gaining fresh perspective from one of the most senior leaders in UK business, gave me invaluable insight and I've gained so much knowledge. The constructive and stimulating sessions we've had have been of immense value for my business"

Frances Lucraft,
Founder & Managing Director.

"The session with Kettan was outstanding. His immediate appreciation of our business needs and advice on funding strategies and process are exactly what I was looking for and I am delighted that he is so much 'on our case' ."

Jonathan Reuvid,
Author & Diretor IPR Connections

"It was great to meet Ketan and I really enjoyed taking the whole business apart and building it back up again bit by bit. I also enjoyed looking at the business and its next steps from a different perspective."

Lorraine Dallmeier 
Managing Director, Fomula Botanica