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Business viability and visibility..

Enterprise Lab Business Audits and Assessments are designed to give you key insights and gap anaylsis.

Anyone whose business has a number of staff, functions, office locations or technical systems that they is not personally and solely operating may run the risk of errors or irregularities occurring in their business. It is also desirable to check and deter fraud by carrying out a regular audit.  

An audit helps to identify gaps in the systems and enables us to suggest improvements. The process keeps our clients informed of areas/situations where advice, consultantion and strategy is useful. 

An audit assures business owners and senior management of the functions on a day-to-day basis that the business is running in accordance with the information they are receiving, and helps reduce the scope for business failure.  

The power of organometrics...

The GC Index® is a scientific framework which enables individuals, teams and organisations to identify how they make their impact and how they can change the game.  

Unlike other assessment tools The GC Index® doesn’t measure personality type, skills or leadership qualities, instead measuring the preferred inclination of how individuals contribute to a project, role or organisation.  

It is truly revolutionising the way that individuals, teams and organisations operate, shifting mindsets to focus on impact. It’s this that is accelerating growth and transformation.  

The GC Index® framework helps organisations: 

  • Identify the genuine and potential impact of individuals 
  • Recruit, develop and manage game-changing talent 
  • Accelerate and spearhead change 
  • Boost individual, team and organisational performance and transformation

"Thank you so much for the great workshop on design thinking that you delivered and facilitated. We received immediately a lot of outstanding comments and feedback from the participants which came out of the programme both inspired and motivated. In particular learning about making innovation a mindset and the introduction of the GC Index were excellent."


Kleida Musa- Head of Training & Development | Raiffeisen Bank Albania

"Ketan Makwana´s session on Ideation to Creation was anecdotal, witty and riveting discussing how to ensure an idea meets a lucrative end. He was funny and enthusiastic, he makes entrepreneurship look easy”

Olympic Legacy Summit | Elevation Networks

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