Insights & Gap Analysis

If you can't see the problem... your can't solve the problem!

When running a business there are so many aspects that as a business leader you need to attend to; businesses can be intricate and small cracks can turn into big gaps.

Having a business audit helps you and your business understand the health and potential; whether you are looking at investment or wanting to scale your business, an audit will not only provide you with an aeriel-view of your business; an audit will provide you with the compass to your success.

When you can see the problems... you can go on and solve the problems.












Types of audits...

Investment Readiness Audit

Looking to raise capital for your business? Whether you are a start up or established business looking at Investment or alternative financing for your business we can provide a comprehensive audit for your business, giving you a full review of your investment potential and readiness.

Business Growth Audit 

When you are looking to grow or scale your business it is important to understand your current business status and identify the areas of risk associated with your ambitions - this audit service provides you with business intelligence along with gap and risk analysis attributed to growth and scaling strategies.

Business Innovation Audit 

Every business wants to be innovative; often what business owners define as innovation is not entirely in synch with their business practice and operations - this audit service provides you with a clear overview and insights into the impact areas and gap analysis when it comes to innovation practices being implented into the business

Strategic Insights Audit 

To get to where you want with your business, you need to know where you currently are. Too many businesses attempt to build new strategy into their business for sustainability, growth and prosperity without really understanding the impact that strategy will have on the business and the bottom line - this audit will provide you with analysis of your current business and the impact new strategies will have in the business

Benefits of having a business audit...

  • Anyone whose business has a number of staff, functions, office locations or technical systems that they is not personally and solely operating may run the risk of errors or irregularities occurring in their business. It is also desirable to check and deter fraud by carrying out a regular audit. 
  • An audit helps to identify gaps in the systems and enables us to suggest improvements. The process keeps our clients informed of areas/situations where advice, consultantion and strategy is useful.
  • An audit assures business owners and senior management of the functions on a day-to-day basis that the business is running in accordance with the information they are receiving, and helps reduce the scope for business failure.
  • An audit facilitates the provision of advice that can have real financial benefits for a business, including how the business is running, what margins can be expected and how these can be achieved. Advice can cover anything from the tightening of internal controls, to reducing the risk of revenue loss and capacity building within the business.
  • An audit will enhance the credibility and reliability of the business and financial performance which is a key factor when it comes to investment or alternative financing.
  • An audit may be advantageous if a company is growing and likely to exceed the turnover threshold in the near future, in order to avoid having to revisit the previous years’ figures, once the threshold has been reached 
  • An audit adds credibility to published information for employees, customers, suppliers, investors and tax authorities: 
  • An audit provides assurance to shareholders (if they are not directors closely involved in the business) of business and financial performance.

What we typically cover...

Management Audit

  • Organisational Structure
  • Strategic Plan
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Business Frameworks
  • Performance Dashboards

Operations Audit

  • Core functions of the business
  • On-time delivery of goods and services
  • Suppliers and Vendor contracts
  • Employee training
  • Staff Performance Assessments
  • Governance and Contracts
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Development & Commerical Acumen
  • Competitor and Market Intelligence

Finance Audit

  • Financial Governance - Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets
  • Accounts and Tax Filing
  • Licences and Permits
  • Insurances & Regulatory

Ready to get insights in your business?

"Working with Enterprise Lab has been a pleasure and insightful; the sessions with Ketan were outstanding, the immediate appreciation for our business and needs along with advice and guidance on funding strategies and optimising business processes is exactly what I was looking for"

Jonathan Revuid- CEO | IPR Connections

"It has been great working with Ketan and getting valuable insights into my business and strategies; I have really enjoyed taking the whole business apart bit by bit and identifying smart strategies that help optimise my business and looking at growth from a different perspective."

Lorraine Dallmeier - CEO | Formula Botanica 

Ready to get insights in your business?