An open letter for anyone looking to start a business

Do you know anyone in the process of starting a business? Please make sure you get them to read this letter.   Dear aspiring entrepreneur,   I am writing this letter because I love and care about you. I am tired of seeing too many people led down the wrong path of business startup. I […] Continue reading.

Change Your Mindset Or Kill Your Business

Once upon a time in the 19th and 20th century there were two young men, one a Polish refugee and the other born at a council estate in Hackney, East London. They both went on to become  very successful in business but their journeys started off as a market stall trader, and as a greengrocer. The […] Continue reading.

Steps New Business Owners Should Follow To Guarantee Success

This is the second part of my blog on “Why Most New Business Owners Will Fail”. In part one we looked at three reasons that could stop a business or idea from reaching its full potential. In this section I am going to focus on what can be done to avoid the pitfalls that many business […] Continue reading.

Why Most New Business Owners Will Fail

How many times have you come across the “8 out of 10 businesses will fail in the first 18months” line on the internet? Far too many! It was such a massive relief to stumble across several articles online stating that this infamous headline stats may after all have been cooked up.   Anyway, back to […] Continue reading.

A New Era: Three Life Lessons You Can Learn From The Rise Of Leicester City FC

    Could the rise of Leicester City Football Club (LCFC), who currently top the English Premier League be the sign that the days of big players dominating the underdogs is about to come to an end? On Saturday 7th February 2015 Leicester City Football Club were rock bottom of the English Premier League. Fast […] Continue reading.

3 Key Lessons For Startups From The Founder of Hailo Taxi App

It is not often that we hear about the dark and not so glamorous side of the journey to success. We hear about the “how I made a million pounds from scratch” stories, which is great but little is said about the coming close to breaking point or packing it all in side of things. Not many successful […] Continue reading.

Why Do You Get Out Of Bed In The Morning?

Are you one of the “80%” of people unhappy with their job? All over the world the number of people expressing dissatisfaction in the workplace is forever rising.  According to a report by Gallup, a US research-based management consultancy,  the number of “actively disengaged” employees outnumber those “engaged” by nearly 2 to 1. Up until June […] Continue reading.

Why failure hurts so much

You must have heard the quote…  “if you are going to fail then fail fast” or “failure is an educator” Failure is directly linked to fear, this is why people procrastinate over fear and then this leads to panic… making failure so painful For most failure hurts… it can hurt their pride or even knock […] Continue reading.

Stop thinking people will steal your ideas

Over the last 7 years I have been working with people to develop their personal confidence, enhance their careers and transform their businesses…. What really frustrates me is people that are reluctant to share their thoughts and ideas – ask me to sign non disclosures or simply just insist that their ideas need to be […] Continue reading.

Why 70% of ideas don’t make it to reality

Are you someone who is constantly coming up with ideas? – but you don’t really do much about them? Have you ever been in the position that your mind seems to the very distraction to your progress? Ever thought you are being held back from achieving your aspirations simply because you try and then when […] Continue reading.