Why failure hurts so much

You must have heard the quote…  “if you are going to fail then fail fast” or “failure is an educator”

Failure is directly linked to fear, this is why people procrastinate over fear and then this leads to panic… making failure so painful


For most failure hurts… it can hurt their pride or even knock their confidence; this happens because whatever you are setting out to do you start with inspiration and motivation – this quickly transcends into expectation… your vision is over optimistic; you haven’t engaged strategy into your thoughts.

You start with such high expectations… then reality kicks in and what you can envision and what you are experiencing becomes polarised and this starts to put doubts into your mind, just one percent of doubt initiates a downward spiral and then fear and panic sets in… once this happens failure is not observed as a learning process but rather a painful experience.


Failure is a part of success not the opposite, you need to embrace failure in your actions and rather than judge.. you reflect

  • what went wrong?
  • Why did it go wrong?
  • What do I need to change?

I have failed many times and lost out – but I cannot regret this… I must take learning from my failure and become stronger.

As an entrepreneur if you fail you cannot procrastinate on your failure – instead you need to push forward and focus on what you do next.

Pain is blocks your ability to think… failure can be painful but if you start to look at failure as a milestone to your success it becomes a natural path of your evolution.

The most successful entrepreneurs in this world have failed countless times, lost almost everything apart from one thing… the mindset and attitude to continue.

At Enterprise Lab we realise that results are delivered through attitudes; this is why we work with people on innovation and transformation.

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Stop thinking people will steal your ideas

Over the last 7 years I have been working with people to develop their personal confidence, enhance their careers and transform their businesses….

What really frustrates me is people that are reluctant to share their thoughts and ideas – ask me to sign non disclosures or simply just insist that their ideas need to be protected because I might steal them and do them myself.



Most ideas have been already discovered, innovation is about creating different ways and this needs ideas to be shared and acted upon… if you live in the fear of your ideas being stolen then you will never get the idea off the ground.

I am not asking you to go shouting from the roof tops… but there are ways to initiate and stimulate action on ideas without fear of them being stolen.

Here is a tip the next time you want to get feedback on an idea – outline the vision and purpose of the idea and then ask your audience

  • what am I missing?
  • or why wouldn’t it work?

We are naturally instilled to give feedback or opinion.

I share my ideas all the time – I am not worried about people stealing or copying… instead I am more interested in what is missing or why it wouldn’t work.

This gives me a more productive perspective and competence or knowledge..

The more knowledge you have the more comfortable you become… the more comfortable you are the more confidence is achieved and this changes your attitude.

We live in a community of collaboration where ideas are shared and solutions are built.

At Enterprise Lab we have been helping people turn their ideas into reality for over 6 years and our work has impacted hundreds of thousands of people realise that if they live in the fear of their ideas being stolen only leaves them behind.

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Why 70% of ideas don’t make it to reality

Are you someone who is constantly coming up with ideas? – but you don’t really do much about them?

Have you ever been in the position that your mind seems to the very distraction to your progress?

Ever thought you are being held back from achieving your aspirations simply because you try and then when it isn’t going well you change direction?Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)Watch movie online A Cure for Wellness (2017)Roblox Hack Free Robux

These are all common symptoms that I see in clients I work with daily… too many ideas, excessive procrastination and often an extremely low confidence at this point I am asked how to overcome this.

STOP!!! You are wasting your time, energy and money… 

The key to innovation or being innovative is to ideate for sure; coming up with creative ways to overcome stale challenges; but that is only one part of the process…

  • Ideas represent only 7% of the overall innovation
  • The innovation itself represents only 10% of the process
  • 83% is down to action


Failing to act means the idea remains a figment of your imagination… most ideas have already been spawned…

Generally they have been poorly executed because they haven’t been shared, built or acted upon.

The first thing you need to do is take the energy and excitement of an idea and start to strategise

  • what is you are trying to do?
  • Why are you trying to do this and of course
  • why this idea will or will not work?


You cannot answer these questions on your own – you need external influences especially those who have no knowledge or bias to you or the idea.

To really become innovative you have to learn to let go… give the creativity time to breathe but most of all you must ACT because without action you have nothing.

At Enterprise Lab we have been working with people to unlock the potential from within – success is based on attitude which is all linked to mindset.

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