Dynamic approach to Leadership and Management to make things happen...

Without culture... strategy is redundant...

Culture in business is important, employee satisfaction and engagement is pivotal to the successes of any business. Leadership can be tough and without a true sense of the appropriate culture in your business you risk making your strategy redundant.

Being a leader in business brings pressures both mentally and physically, understanding the power of touchpoints and mastering the art of engaging and influencing determines greater effectiveness in the culture you instil into your business.

When your leadership is crafted right, you can build the right culture into your business...

When your culture matches your ambitions... the sky is the limit!

Do you experience this in your business? if the answer is YES then we can help:

  • Do you feel the demands of day-to-day activities keep you away from doing the real work?
  • Is there distance between your visions or aspirations and those of your employees?
  • Is your approach to your business linear?
  • Are you in the wilderness of how your employees really feel?

What we cover...

Conduct a full leadership and management audit 

Assess the culture from top down and bottom up

Introduce leadership & managment strategies

Work with you to develop the right culture in your business

What makes us different...

  • Our approach is always bespoke to your needs.
  • We provide turn-key solutions which are aligned to progress, productivity and results
  • We work with the whole business and organisation to instil consistency and stability
  • With over 15 years expertise we bring sustainable and pragmatic solutions to your challenges

What do we offer:


Business Audit 





"We have worked with Ketan to understand and develop Ammba as a business and also to develop our own skills and knowledge. It is all learning that we can use to make Ammba even better, but also to enhance the service we give to our clients and the projects we work on. It has not been without challenge and Ketan takes great delight in posing us curve ball questions, that metaphorically stop us in our tracks, but these are well-balanced by the epiphany moments he also inspires."

Robbie Beak CEO | Ammba Digital

"It has been great working with Ketan and getting valuable insights into my business and strategies; I have really enjoyed taking the whole business apart bit by bit and identifying smart strategies that help optimise my business and looking at growth from a different perspective."

Lorraine Dallmeier - CEO | Formula Botanica 

Ready to take your business to the next level?