Bridging the gap between planning and performance

The art and science of strategy... 

Strategy is usually the responsiblity of any organisation's decision-makers, formulating strategies is an art and also scientific exercise; there are always going to be challenges and questions to strategy... Should strategy be a top-down and bottom up process?... Should full strategies be publicised or private? 

There is an art to strategy - being able to bring in creativity and understand your business environment to defining the actual results you want to achieve.

There is also science in strategy too - designing and engineering processes which engages pragmatics as much as practicalities.

Ultimately strategy is the bridge between planning and performance and at Enterprise Lab we are experts in building these bridges to allow you and your business to achieve.

Do you experience this in your business? if the answer is YES then we can help:

  • Are you reaching the capacities and limits to your business abilities?
  • Do you feel like you are encased in a glass cube - where you can see the future but cannot reach it?
  • You are trying different things, but not getting the desired results?
  • Performance in business is at a plateau or heading in decline?

What we cover...

Review your business vision, mission and values

Optimisation of current business challenges

Build strategy with you which supports your acceleration

Work on capability management to drive results

What makes us different...

  • Our approach is always bespoke to your needs.
  • We provide turn-key solutions which are aligned to progress, productivity and results
  • We work with the whole business and organisation to instil consistency and stability
  • With over 15 years of strategic expertise we bring sustainable and pragmatic solutions to your challenges

What do we offer:


Business Audit 





"Working with Enterprise Lab has been a pleasure and insightful; the sessions with Ketan were outstanding, the immediate appreciation for our business and needs along with advice and guidance on funding strategies and optimising business processes is exactly what I was looking for"

Jonathan Revuid- CEO | IPR Connections

"It has been great working with Ketan and getting valuable insights into my business and strategies; I have really enjoyed taking the whole business apart bit by bit and identifying smart strategies that help optimise my business and looking at growth from a different perspective."

Lorraine Dallmeier - CEO | Formula Botanica 

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