Why failure hurts so much

You must have heard the quote…  “if you are going to fail then fail fast” or “failure is an educator”

Failure is directly linked to fear, this is why people procrastinate over fear and then this leads to panic… making failure so painful


For most failure hurts… it can hurt their pride or even knock their confidence; this happens because whatever you are setting out to do you start with inspiration and motivation – this quickly transcends into expectation… your vision is over optimistic; you haven’t engaged strategy into your thoughts.

You start with such high expectations… then reality kicks in and what you can envision and what you are experiencing becomes polarised and this starts to put doubts into your mind, just one percent of doubt initiates a downward spiral and then fear and panic sets in… once this happens failure is not observed as a learning process but rather a painful experience.


Failure is a part of success not the opposite, you need to embrace failure in your actions and rather than judge.. you reflect

  • what went wrong?
  • Why did it go wrong?
  • What do I need to change?

I have failed many times and lost out – but I cannot regret this… I must take learning from my failure and become stronger.

As an entrepreneur if you fail you cannot procrastinate on your failure – instead you need to push forward and focus on what you do next.

Pain is blocks your ability to think… failure can be painful but if you start to look at failure as a milestone to your success it becomes a natural path of your evolution.

The most successful entrepreneurs in this world have failed countless times, lost almost everything apart from one thing… the mindset and attitude to continue.

At Enterprise Lab we realise that results are delivered through attitudes; this is why we work with people on innovation and transformation.

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