Stop thinking people will steal your ideas

Over the last 7 years I have been working with people to develop their personal confidence, enhance their careers and transform their businesses….

What really frustrates me is people that are reluctant to share their thoughts and ideas – ask me to sign non disclosures or simply just insist that their ideas need to be protected because I might steal them and do them myself.



Most ideas have been already discovered, innovation is about creating different ways and this needs ideas to be shared and acted upon… if you live in the fear of your ideas being stolen then you will never get the idea off the ground.

I am not asking you to go shouting from the roof tops… but there are ways to initiate and stimulate action on ideas without fear of them being stolen.

Here is a tip the next time you want to get feedback on an idea – outline the vision and purpose of the idea and then ask your audience

  • what am I missing?
  • or why wouldn’t it work?

We are naturally instilled to give feedback or opinion.

I share my ideas all the time – I am not worried about people stealing or copying… instead I am more interested in what is missing or why it wouldn’t work.

This gives me a more productive perspective and competence or knowledge..

The more knowledge you have the more comfortable you become… the more comfortable you are the more confidence is achieved and this changes your attitude.

We live in a community of collaboration where ideas are shared and solutions are built.

At Enterprise Lab we have been helping people turn their ideas into reality for over 6 years and our work has impacted hundreds of thousands of people realise that if they live in the fear of their ideas being stolen only leaves them behind.

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