Statistically you are 7 times more likely to succeed in your business with a business mentor, since 2013 Enterprise Lab has been providing mentoring to entrepreneurs and business owners – we have one of the most comprehensive range of mentors all entrepreneurs that have started, scaled and sold businesses within their respected industries.


Meet your mentors...

We have brought together some of the UK’s brilliant minds who have the passion and experience to help you succeed in your business.

From business strategy to sales, capital raising to digital marketing all of our mentors are established entrepreneurs who have the knowledge, expertise and network to support business owners succeed.

Our philosophy at Enterprise Lab is that having the right mentor and the right time working with you on your business will guarantee you reach your targets and goals.


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Our customers love us

“I have always believed in mentoring, but working with Enterprise Lab was different; getting access to business leaders and experts to help me in my business has been invaluable. “

– Frances Lucraft (CEO: Grace & Green)

“The sessions with Enterprise Lab have been outstanding, the immediate appreciation of our business and advice on funding strategies and business processes was exactly what I was looking for.”

– Jonathan Revuid (CEO: IPR Connections)

” I have really enjoyed working with Enterprise Lab, taking my whole business apart and rebuilding bit by bit, also working on strategy and growth from a completely different perspective.”

– Lorraine Dallmeier (CEO: Formula Botanica)