Cliff Wilde

Business Disciplines:

  • Organisational Culture
  • Leadership Development
  • Human Resources
  • Innovation & Design Thinking

As someone that has nearly died a few times, I’ve been forced to learn about health the hard way.

With over 10 years experience working with people at the highest level, from athletes, CEO’s to billionaires, i have refined a way that gets unrivalled results with peoples health and thus their performance.

Being someone that was in corporate finance I fully understand the pressure to perform, the deadlines given and the dog eat dog mentality that is often the corporate world. I specialise in optimising individuals and companies to ensure minimum down time & loss of productivity.

Me personally, I’m 10 years symptom and medication free from all illness, i love to travel the world, experience the magic of different cultures that grace our planet, hang out with cool people that love high energy conversation and i like to find some time for some golf also.