Want to know how to get the best return on investment for you and your business?

Want to increase your business growth and learn from a guy who tripled his sales to $1.75Bn in one year?

Want to optimise your performance to get more done in less time with less stress?

This is exactly what Doug Gordon speaks, coaches and teaches about. He helps you and your teams get into the “Flow” and be 500% more productive through his mindset programs, his action orientated techniques, his extensive knowledge from his investment career, his radio interviews with global leaders and his energy optimisation program to help you optimise your energy to optimise your performance in business and life.” -> PUBLISHED LINKEDIN TESTIMONY from Bill Liao – Venture capital partner of one of the largest VC funds globally, humanitarian, philanthropist, 3 times TED talker, with one of the most extensive Wikipedia’s.

Doug worked 21 years in the Investment world selling B2B, Ex Sales & Marketing Head, spoken globally, national radio presenter, NED. Business Consultant.

He specializes in:

CEO Consulting & Coaching – High Performance Success without Stress | Business growth strategy.

Corporate Training – Sales, Marketing, Media, Presentation skills, Goalsetting, Wellness, Performance.
Business strategy – Employee engagement, creating positive team dynamics, optimising relationships.

Performance Enhancement – working with sports stars, Film stars and business people.

Motivational speaking: Topics include: High Performance Selling, Leadership, High Performance Success without Stress, team building, Workplace Wellbeing.

Business Strategy

Organisational Culture

Management Consulting

Sales & Commercial Strategy

Branding & Marketing

Finance & Investment Strategy

Human Resources

Leadership Development

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