Business Disciplines:

  • Business Strategy
  • Leadership Development

I work with business owners and senior executives to develop their own skills and the skills of their team to best meet the needs of the business (which may be anything from a solo operation to a corporate). Using a coaching approach to deliver my support, in the main, my work with clients is all about ‘teasing out’ rather than ‘telling’.

As each client situation is unique I tailor interventions to meet their needs, but common areas I can expect to coach around will include leadership and team-building, staff motivation and retention, strategic planning, dealing with change, decision-making and problem-solving, better communications, optimising performance and maximising productivity. I will frequently use diagnostic tools such as DISC and Motivational Mapping to help me and my clients better understand their own style and energy as well as that of their teams.

While the focus is often on future plans, we all live our lives in the ‘here and now’; so my coaching extends to helping people to deal better with the day-to-day stresses; keep their mojo, helping them face their challenges with confidence. Again, each persons needs will be unique, but areas I can expect to work on with my clients will include handling stress and overwhelm, building confidence, self-esteem, resilience and a greater capacity to live and function well alongside uncertainty (particularly amongst leaders).