Business Disciplines:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organisational Culture
  • Management Consulting

Considerable experience of working within a structure of business support/development programme aimed at SME’s SME Events – NatWest Entrepreneurial Hub and Sage UK
I am a Sage Business Expert and have been sponsored by Nat West Entrepreneurial Hub and Sage UK to craft events for Women in Business. One of the events that I created last year was called the Art of Focus, the panel discussion was for women professionals and business founders, who wanted to learn strategies and skills to increase their focus, productivity and success. You can view a link to the vent description here

Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor

I have been a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation which supports women owned businesses is developing countries. I have coached women virtually in Africa.
One grew her turnover by 500% in the year we worked together. The other had an Op Ed published about the success of her business and positive the impact our mentoring relationship had in the Huffington Post. Guild of Entrepreneurs – City of London
I am a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, and this investiture means that I have a desire to support future generations of entrepreneurs through mentoring, education and outreach activities. I contribute to the promotion of excellence in entrepreneurship through thought leadership, awards for students and the promotion of higher standards in business among other academic and philanthropic activities.

Entrepreneur in Residence – University of Westminster

I help the growing community of students at Westminster Business School (WBS) studying BA Entrepreneurship and MSC Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise Development with their business ideas and development as entrepreneurs. I provide guest lectures and help to develop the PPE project and establish a robust and relevant holistic ecosystem for the students. In addition, I have worked within government interventions in education, such as the implementation of the 14-19 agenda, and am aware of the level of accountability, focus on outcomes and reporting needed to
ensure transparency and measure success. I have a breadth of experience working with clients in in high growth businesses, I have worked with Sage to support dot come entrepreneurs and Nat West with their high growth entrepreneur incubators.
I use frameworks and tools that can provide insight on client’s situations, such as the change curve, systems thinking and force field analysis. I am not afraid to supportively challenge clients in service of their goals.

My experience is that clients are so busy that they don’t have a critical thinking space to consider how to cope and thrive in changing work, sector and global context. My positive approach enables them to see the possibilities within their situation and gain the confidence to go for those opportunities, and step up to, and see where they can make positive change happen. I have experience working on leadership programmes where I help the clients implement their learning from the programme, I did this while working for Ashridge Business School, the Learning & Skills Improvement Service and continue to this for programmes run by Advance HE.

Communication is a key area of my expertise, using psychometric tools such as Insights and MBTI, I help clients understand themselves better and as a result understand others better, in order to adapt and connect. I also use Transactional Analysis to uncover unhelpful communication patterns and create new improved ways of communicating effectively. I am a good listener and use my intuition as well as proven coaching tools to get to the heart of the matter. Clients describe me as gently pushing them out of their comfort zone and not letting them off the hook. I engage with clients with curiosity and as a thinking partner. I am warm and build good relationships with my clients without being ‘fluffy. Employing moments of silence is an active skill I use within coaching to allow clients to think, process and tap in to their inner knowledge. I maintain confidentiality, boundaries and stay in the role of coach.