Julia Felton

Business Disciplines:

  • Organisational Culture
  • Management Consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Systems & Operations

I have a very varied area of expertise. In corporate I created and launched a business unit and grew it from concept to market leader taking it through the entire product life cycle before selling it. The business worked in the area of big data and market intelligence and I created the platform, recruited the team and customers and negotiated strategic alliances to enable global growth. I am great at seeing how systems work from both a customer and user experience.

Since leaving corporate I’ve established my own training and leadership consultancy helping leaders develop their leadership capability and building high performance teams. I love to focus on culture and what we can do to create a workplace where everyone wants to come to work, and delivers their best.

I have a unique mix of big picture and details skills (Game Changer 8; Polisher 8; Playmaker 8) meaning I am comfortable working on both aspects of the business. I love training, facilitation and coaching. I’ve attached my CV in the area below and happy to also provide a shorter bio if required.