Louis Barnett

Business Disciplines:

  • Business Strategy
  • Sales & Commercial Strategy
  • Organisational Culture
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Systems & Operations
  • Management Consulting
  • Innovation & Design Thinking
  • Leadership Development

I first started in business at the age of 12 as a young entrepreneur; by 20, I was dealing with blue-chip retailers and exporting to 15 countries around the world and had a flourishing consultancy business. Although much of my experience was built through my chocolate business, I had realised early on that speaking and consultancy was where my passion indeed resided. So in 2015, when the chocolate industry globally saw enormous challenges in cacao crops, I decided to exit the trade and focus solely on consultancy.

As an experienced managing director, I take a holistic view on consultancy working with a myriad of businesses in the public and the private sector in some of the largest organisations down to SME’s. I work with the directors, managers and teams to establish where my attention needs focusing, from overall business strategy, staff training, branding, marketing, business development, NPD or just merely some innovative or entrepreneurial thinking.

My specialist industries are:
Entrepreneurship & startups
Enterprise education
Neurological diversity / educational disabilities
Retail & luxury retail
Import / export
Specialist industries / niche markets
Food & bevrage – Hospitality
PR & Media
Marketing & Branding
Business development / slaes process & customer journey
NGO’s / charities
Conservation & sustaibilty