Business Disciplines:

  • Organisational Culture
  • Management Consulting
  • Innovation & Design Thinking
  • Digital Transformation
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership Development

I have been told I am a natural Entrepreneur. I started my first business at only 17, selling it at 19 yrs old and becoming a teen millionaire. I have been a CEO of 6 companies I started myself from scratch plus COO of one other with 3x Million+ exits. I have advised thousands of companies overt the past 30 years, from startups to FTSE 100 Corps, mainly on Business Strategy, go-to-market issues. I have a deep interests and expertise in training for Entrepreneurial Thinking (ET). It is an amazing toolkit to empower employees, and can underpin positive culture change, digital transformation, drive innovation & design and inspire leadership to emerge from within a companies ranks. You could call it injecting some Startup DNA back into a corporate dinosaur. Making it younger, invigorated, nimble, innovative, cohesive and mission focused.

I would love to work on any project that seeks to transform a business or govt. culture, especially if the goal is around empowerment, leadership, innovation and design. It inspiring for me to contribute towards empowering women in the workplace or society, and any youth focused projects also.

Apart from designing and delivering bespoke training I relish an opportunity to deliver keynote speeches that are interesting, thought provoking and inspiring.