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How does it work Investor in Customers (IIC) will conduct an implementation meeting with you to agree how to adapt the IIC framework to best suit your needs. This meeting will allow IIC to agree the best questions to provide the information you require; the segments that you wish to analyse and the best time to run the surveys.

IIC will send surveys to all (or a selection of) your customers, employees and management. In addition, or alternatively, IIC can set up dedicated URL links to the relevant surveys which can be sent directly to customers by your senior team or key account managers.

IIC use standard questions sets but, where appropriate, will tailor these to your business requirements. The customer and employee question sets are different but cover the same topics, which allows direct comparison between internal and external perceptions of your business. We include “free text” questions which tend to point to specific areas where improvements can be made.

We also ask you to complete a short questionnaire which asks you about how you deal with your customers (complaints procedures, how you collect feedback etc). The responses to these questions, together with analysis of your website and literature are scored to provide an external perception of your customer centricity.

IIC will work with your project team to help with data, agreeing questions and email communications. We suggest that you brief key members of your team as soon as possible and mention the survey to all employees and customers in advance. This helps to drive up response rates and assures customers that the survey is genuine. The process usually involves you sending a warm-up email out a few days before we go live. IIC will provide you with examples of briefing documents and warm up communications.


An action plan detailing how to grow your business by focusing on customer delight and a customer excellence award to independently verify your customer centricity.


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