Sabian Muhammad

Business Disciplines:

  • Business Strategy
  • Organisational Culture
  • Innovation & Design Thinking

Social/community impact, Ideation, fitness and mindset are my areas of expertise.
I started my journey at 20 years old by speaking in the House of Lords on education and talent and the importance of mindset in expressing talent. I followed through by creating a national campaign to launch O2’s flagship CSR project, Think Big. The campaign ran for 8 weeks with an initial value of £50,000 by the end of the 8 weeks it had an equivalent value of £1.2m.

This was followed by being invited to sit on the Youth Advisory Board of London2012 designing the User experience components of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
I became a co-founder of Enterprise Lab and began developing programmes that impacted the way young people and entrepreneurs think about mindset. We worked in schools and colleges and with businesses, local authorities and charities across the UK and around the globe.

I fell into depression and left my position at Enterprise Lab. During my depression I realised that my depression was linked to my experience as an entrepreneur and set out to explore the reasons behind my mental collapse. This took me on a journey studying mindset and the structure of the mind according to neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Using this information I’ve been able to spot patterns of thought or behaviour that can impede an entrepreneur from succeeding and not deliver mindset coaching consultations to both entrepreneurs and those who suffer with mental health issues.

I am currently working as a start up consultant assisting clients with formation, ideation (broadening their project ideas and scope to deliver more sustainable result) and mindset conditioning to ensure my clients maintain a growth mindset throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

I am also the chairman of a community group called JusPlay Uk which delivers free play services to children and young people. I am currently in the process of registering it as a Community Interest Organisation. I head up the business development of the organisation determining the pathways to scale the organisations and begin working with local authorities to deliver our services.

I am also a fitness and personal trainer. My focus is on delivering fitness classes to entrepreneurs which teach Healthy lifestyles but also How peak physicsl fitness can lead too peak mental fitness.

I have a talent for listening to ideas and instantly being able to further develop the idea into something grander and therefore more sustainable in the long term.

Mindset and mental Health are areas of entrepreneurship that are least ventured amongst entrepreneurs and my mission is to challenge that system of thinking to produce not only sustainable business but also mentally efficient entrepreneurs.