Business Disciplines:

  • Branding & Marketing
  • Innovation & Design Thinking
  • Digital Transformation
  • Systems & Operations

Simon in business
I’m Simon Thomas and am currently the principle partner at Toucan Internet LLP and we develop
websites that not only sell and market but also automate business process. We compliment nontechnical business principles who are doing the best to further for their business in the digital world.
I wrote my first commercial website in 1996 and with the specialist teams we’ve put together we have
delivered web solutions to meet every possible need, including enable business process automation.
Keeping ahead of the curve of innovation excites me and my teams and this extends the bounds of what
we can create. Providing a “goto” digital resource for our clients is achieved by blending programming
capabilities with significant experience in business processes, design and marketing – we are a resource
of tangible value for clients who are earnest about online success.
Simon at home
Home is in the UK half way between London and Cambridge. Much of what I do is focussed around
supporting the family and my wife and I have two clever kids in their 20’s, one a senior programmer at
Micro Focus and the other a commercial creative designer.
For active hobbies I include sailing, snow skiing, full-bore rifle shooting, golf and walking. More
meditative pursuits include playing electric blues guitar linking back to my ambition to be a rock god.
Other pre-occupations include activities with 41 Club and supporting the local Round Table, which I
helped establish three years ago and am currently their president.
Some Past Successes
• Design and development of a National membership organisation management platform and
associated websites.
• Product Innovation for the Human Genome Project whilst a technical director at CP Instrument
Co Ltd.
• Product development for NHS Engineering. Every engineering dept in the UK had one of my
temperature reference units at one time.
• Sales agency negotiations with foreign manufacturers.
• Our company provided the reagents that pioneered DNA fingerprinting and enabled Dolly the
Sheep to be cloned
I have an intense sense of fair play and value people who are genuine and authentic.
Most of all I value my relationships with our clients, respecting their mission and I aim to empower their
brand. My business core values come from professionalism and trustworthiness.