Business Disciplines:

  • Business Strategy
  • Sales & Commercial Strategy
  • Finance & Investment Strategy
  • Organisational Culture
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Systems & Operations
  • Management Consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Innovate & Design Thinking
  • Human Resources
  • Quality Assurance
  • Digital Transformation

More than 35 years active export and international trade experience, creating significant relationships and high levels of sales globally. Particular experience in the Far East, Middle East, Australasia, USA and Canada, Africa and Europe, covering a range of products and sectors. Currently in addition to advisory and consultancy work, I act as Export manager or International Trade Director for companies that want to grow globally but have a shortage of time, money or expertise. I also work closely with the owners and board members of more than 20 companies, stress-testing and implementing their business plans, whilst helping them overcome actual or psychological issues along the way. Spent 25 weeks per year in the above markets for more than 10 years and have retained excellent contacts through regular contact during my daily work . In addition to being the UK partner for 2 Gulf based organisations I am a regular panelist on international trade matters, promote businesses locally and globally and host a business show on radio.See Linkedin profile for some of the details.