Small to Medium businesses are the lifeblood the any economy bringing in the net of new jobs and contributing to the gross domestic product (GDP) of their countries; these businesses need support in developing strategies and to innovate from within so they can continue grow in both their domestic and international markets.

The Innovation Driven Enterprise (IDE) Programme was developed in response to the emerging need to support the growth of small to medium businesses in Thailand; IDE is a programme and platform that connects Thai businesses to an international network of experts that work with the business to incorporate growth through innovation.

Supported by the Innovation Technology Assistance Programme (ITAP) a subsidiary of the National Science, Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and The Science, Technolongy & Innovation Policy (STI), businesses can apply for the programme and once they have completed have the opportunity to have 50% budget reimbursement.

How the Programme Works
  • SME applies for the programme
  • The application is reviewed and qualification for the programme is confirmed
  • SME audit and gap analysis is conducted
  • Project scope is developed and agreed with business
  • Services are contracted
  • Experts are matched to project
  • Project delivery
  • Results reported and reimbursement issued