Willem Gous

Business Disciplines:

Based in South Africa, I have been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years of experience while being active in the South African online industry for more than 23 years. My experience ranges from manufacturing, corporate sales, channel management and more. I am a personal development junkie and spent more than 10,000 hours on his personal development over the past 13 years. My deeper knowledge of self gives me the edge on other mentors and coaches because I take the whole person and their business into account. I would like to expand my mentorship to startups, I enjoy it and I add a lot of value and can do it remotely easily.

Business Model Innovation

I learnt to use the Business Model Canvas by attending the workshop presented by Alexander Osterwalder. I also attended the Running Lean workshop in Finland presented by Ash Maurya

I am an International speaker on entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership.


#1. You, Me, Innovate | Innovation Acceleration Through Co-Creation
#2. The Great Entrepreneurial Con – Why Entrepreneurship does not work and what to do about it.
#3. InsideRisk Leadership Development Program Moderator.

I created his own innovation methodology, indivineur, as a result of researching innovation methods for more than 800 hours as part of my dissertation for his master’s degree. I hold my Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management. My method is a combination of personal development, business development and co-creation.

Startup Mentorship and Coaching

I am a business mentor on programs such as IBM Startup Bootcamp and the J.P. Morgan Africa Rising program.

Team Building and Motivation

I am a certified firewalking instructor and facilitates team builds for groups of 5 to 5000: Firewalking, arrow breaking, glass walking, rebar bending and a lot more.

Advisory Boards and Social Development

Global Advisory Board for Customer Experience World, an event held in the UK, Europe and South Africa.

Global Advisory Board of the Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise Alumni Network of the University of Liverpool Management School.

I am part of a team that teaches entrepreneurship to school children as part of Wealth Creators.

I present regular webinars for the University of Liverpool and their alumni. My one webinar had more than 1200 registrations and had more than 700 people in the webinar during presentation.


Inidivineur | Opportunity Accelerator – How to start a low-risk business today, using what you have now.

Get Unstuck Now: A 20-minute Guide with Proven Tactics To Overcome Procrastination, Achieve Your Goals and Get The Results You Really Want and Need Right Now.

Current Business interests

I run a business called “The Human Entrepreneur” where I work to keep entrepreneurs in the game.

#1. I present “The Human Entrepreneur” program where I offer training to keep entrepreneurs in the game by focusing more on the entrepreneur and their journey of multiple businesses. Three days, non-consecutive training.

Target: Entrepreneurs, incubators, supply chain development and investors.

#2. The second part is my innovation training. Diversity is an issue in South Africa and many other parts of the world. I have combined teambuilding, innovation through co-creation and ideation into the Innovation Builder Workshop to help companies from as small as ten employees innovate with less risk while leaving with new ideas they can prototype and test. This is very scalable

Target: SME’s, incubators, business units, large corporates.

I aim to position it as the bread and butter of business innovation because it is quick and super affordable, flat rate.

Fun Facts

I am married to one of South Africa’s top cake makers but do not eat sugar.
I am a proud father and spends a lot of time with my son.